Friday, August 5, 2011

July 2011 Sales on Bonanza

I sold 96 books during July on Bonanza in my Jennifer's Series Books booth. Here is a list of how many books I sold for each series.

Nancy Drew - 50
Judy Bolton - 13
Trixie Belden - 11
Dana Girls - 4
Lone Ranger - 4
Sally Baxter - 4
Penny Parker - 3
Beverly Gray - 2
Vicki Barr - 2
Cherry Ames - 1
Dorothy Dale - 1
Harry Potter - 1

Here is the breakdown by cost.

up to $4.99 - 39
$5.00 to $9.99 - 17
$10.00 to $14.99 - 12
$15.00 to $19.99 - 9
$20.00 to $29.99 - 9
$30.00 to $39.99 - 4
$40.00 to $49.99 - 2
$64.99 - 1
$74.99 - 1
$99.95 - 1
$149.99 - 1

As always, my sales are strongest for the cheaper books which are no longer worth selling on eBay. If I were only selling expensive books, I would have far less success. It is also worth noting that people often buy expensive books along with cheap books. The book that sold for $149.99 was in an order combined with two books priced at under $5.00 each.

Here are my sales sources for July. Click on the image to see a larger version.

Remember that freebies are included in the above stats, which throws off the totals. Most of my sales are attributed to direct visits or traffic that comes in through my website or blog. All sales that are attributed to a widget came from my website or blog. Some of the direct traffic is traffic that could have come from Google via other sellers' listings and then to my booth through Bonanza's search. In fact, I just had a sale (not shown in the above results) that is attributed to another seller's product URL in Google. I know this because Bonanza shows that seller's Google URL.

I have had 21 orders since I added Checkout by Amazon as an option. I have had 9 orders through PayPal, 9 orders through Checkout by Amazon, and 3 orders through Google Checkout. Amazon is as popular as PayPal. I have no way of knowing whether offering Checkout by Amazon is increasing sales, but the popularity of Amazon shows that it very well could be increasing sales.

Checkout by Amazon does have one drawback. Sellers do not receive the money until 14 days after the transaction. For some sellers, this is unacceptable. In my case, I always have money for shipping in my PayPal account, so I don't mind the lag time in between shipping the order and receiving the money in my bank account.

July 2011 ranks fourth in sales over the 31 months I have sold on Bonanza. Only three months had a higher amount in sales. Bonanza is looking very good.

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