Monday, July 11, 2011

Checkout by Amazon on Bonanza

Bonanza now offers a new payment option, Checkout by Amazon. I signed up for the new service as soon as Bonanza made the announcement and have already had a sale through Checkout by Amazon.

The sale was for my Harry Potter Bloomsbury set. The sales source was Google Product Search (GPS), and I seldom get sales through GPS.

I signed up for Checkout by Amazon as soon as I heard it was available on Bonanza because of a transaction from two years ago. A buyer decided to mail me a money order for the transaction. She had some trouble even with the money order option.

I can't recall her exact comments, but she stated that she had only purchased on Amazon up to that point. She wished that I was able to offer payment through Amazon since that would have been easier than mailing a money order. Because of that type of buyer, offering Checkout by Amazon can increase sales. When selling on an alternative venue, we need all the help we can get.

Here is Bonanza's help page for how to set up Checkout by Amazon.

If you follow Bonanza's steps, you should be able to find the necessary information to get entered on Bonanza. Bonanza has some really good screen caps that will help greatly, and I strongly recommend that you use that page. I am going to give you directions here, since some issues are not addressed on Bonanza's page.

First of all, you will probably not be able to use your existing Amazon account if you have ever sold on Amazon, unless you get lucky. I was prompted with the email for my existing Amazon account, but on the resulting page I was told that my account is incompatible. I then used another email to create a new Amazon account. If you are told that your existing Amazon account is incompatible, you have to use a different email address, since the email address is how you sign in to your Amazon account.

I went through and filled in the necessary information, including credit card, name, address, and phone number. You will be asked for your website address. Enter your booth URL in that spot. As an example, I entered I next went to complete the setup on Bonanza.

On Bonanza, go to "Account settings" then "Seller Settings." You need to find three pieces of information from within your Amazon account: Merchant ID, Access Key ID, and Secret Access Key.

On Amazon under "Settings" and "Checkout Pipeline Settings," you should be able to find your Merchant ID to enter on Bonanza. Also on Amazon, under "Integration Central," select "Access Key." You will get your "Access Key ID" to enter on Bonanza. You will also need "Your Secret Access Key" and you should click on "show." I had to agree to something or other, and then Amazon gave it to me. I entered it on Bonanza.

You do not need to enter anything else on Bonanza other than those three pieces of information. Some people are confusing the Google Checkout setup with the Amazon setup. Nothing else needs to be done.

You also do not need to set up anything in your Amazon account under "Shipping Settings." Your shipping is determined on Bonanza in your booth. Amazon does not need that information.

On Amazon, you do need to get your bank account routing number entered so that you can receive your payments. You should see a prompt for this on the right side of the screen. You will also need to get your bank account verified. I have not gotten mine verified yet since I am still waiting for Amazon to make two small deposits into my account that I will then have to enter in my Amazon account. I only signed up for my account on Friday, so not enough time has elapsed.

The process was a little confusing at times, just like with anything new. You will get an email whenever you receive an order. You log in to your account through You click on "Manage Orders" to see your orders. You can then click on the order to get the buyer's address.

You can generate a shipping label through PayPal shipping or whatever service you normally use. You can then enter the tracking number into your Amazon account to show that you have shipped the item. You must verify shipment, or else Amazon will not release your money to you.

By the way, there was a glitch with the process for those of us who received early orders this weekend, but that problem has now been fixed. Accepting payments through Amazon will work about the same as receiving them through Google.


Brandi said...


This may be a silly question, but does doing this make your items visible on Amazon as well?


Jennifer said...

The items won't show up on Amazon, but they are more likely to be purchased by Amazon-minded buyers. The kind of buyers who rely heavily on Amazon are more likely to go by ISBN and/or use Google Product Search. This is why I'm not surprised that my Harry Potter books, which have an ISBN, were sold to someone who used GPS and Amazon checkout.

This also gives buyers who have a buyer account on Amazon an additional, convenient way to pay sellers. Let's say that a Bonanza seller accepts Checkout by Amazon, and I want to make a purchase. I can use my Amazon buyer account (the one I use to make purchases on to pay for the transaction on Bonanza.

I am not expecting many people to use the Checkout by Amazon, but since I've pretty much dumped eBay, I want to give myself every advantage I can.

The Amazon name is very strong as well. I have used Amazon since November 1996. Whenever I am not buying vintage books, I always check Amazon first. I buy new books from Amazon almost 100% of the time. I buy various other new merchandise from Amazon.

By offering Amazon checkout, buyers may very well end up associating Bonanza with the Amazon name. This is not bad at all. It strengthens our credibility, since most buyers have never heard of the Bonanza marketplace.

I hope this doesn't come off as promotional in nature; I'm just explaining how I see this new payment method as a great benefit for me.

If anyone here decides to sign up for Checkout by Amazon and has any trouble, feel free to ask questions. I should be able to help, since I have spent a lot of time reading information about it in the last few days.

Countess von Wilhelm said...

I was so happy to see that available, as I never have my credit card with me. Worked great!

Jennifer said...

Since I added Checkout by Amazon as an option, I have had ten sales. Of those ten sales, four were paid through Checkout by Amazon, four through PayPal, and two through Google Checkout. I had heard that Amazon is one of the most popular payment methods, and my results so far support that belief. There is no way of knowing whether those four sales would have occurred without Checkout by Amazon, but I can conclude that people like paying through that method.