Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May 2011 Sales on Bonanza

I decided that it would be interesting to list how many books I sold during May by series in my Jennifer's Series Books booth on Bonanza.

51 Nancy Drew
14 Dana Girls
8 Trixie Belden
6 Judy Bolton
5 Beverly Gray
4 Happy Hollisters
3 Sara Gay
3 Susan Sand
2 Blythe Girls
2 Tom Swift
1 Ginny Gordon
1 Brownie Scouts
1 Kay Tracey

I sold a total of 101 books in 21 transactions. I consistently sell more Nancy Drew books than any other series. The Dana Girls series usually comes in second place, and I have mentioned my past problems of keeping Dana Girls books in stock. All of the other series vary in number month by month depending upon who is buying books.

After not having sold any Trixie Belden books in months, I sold 8 Trixie Beldens in several transactions in one week. Since that week, I had not sold any Trixie Beldens. I have noticed that I only sell Trixie Belden books occasionally, and when I do, I always have multiple buyers within a day or so of each other. I am certain that Google has something to do with the brief sales of Trixie Belden books.

I paid $20.78 in fees to eBay for my total May sales of $201.69 in books. I paid Bonanza $32.00 in fees for my total May sales of $808.79 in books. The fees are around 10% on eBay and only around 4% on Bonanza. Even with my paid membership to Bonanza of $16.67 per month, I am still saving a huge amount each month.

I did not check during the month to see how eBay sellers are doing. I did just check the last 15 days of completed listings for eBay's most popular series book seller. That person has sold 35 books in the last 15 days, so I can assume that at least 70 books were sold during May. It appears that I might have sold more books on Bonanza during May than that seller did on eBay.

I am doing just fine on Bonanza for certain series such as Nancy Drew and the Dana girls. My problem comes with series for which I do not have a page present on my website, such as Tom Swift, the Three Investigators, and many other more obscure series. I have a huge amount of trouble getting people to buy those books on Bonanza. I have no means to drive traffic to Bonanza for those series.

I had a desirable Three Investigators book listed on Bonanza for months with no takers. I listed it last week in an eBay auction and sold it with no trouble for about the same price. This means that I am better off listing certain books on eBay in the free auctions, and I will proceed in that fashion during the future, so long as eBay continues the 50 free listings per month.

I will continue to list the vast majority of my better sellers such as Nancy Drew and the Dana Girls on Bonanza, since I have steady sales for both of those series.

For those interested, I have removed some slow sellers and bad condition books from my Bonanza booth and placed in lots on eBay. Follow this link to the auctions. I also purposefully place certain more desirable books in some of the lots in order to encourage someone to buy the lot. As stated above, I have also listed some books on eBay that I do not think would sell easily on Bonanza or that I think would be better served by an auction.

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