Sunday, May 8, 2011

Books for Sale on eBay

I have a few listings running on eBay currently.

I have listed the first of my few extras of the Linda Carlton reprints.  I do not believe that there will be another print run, so the fairest approach is to offer my extras in auctions.  Whoever wants them the most can have them.  I hope that my extras will go to collectors rather than to someone who will list them at an outrageous price in the hundreds of dollars.  Nobody wants to pay that much.  If I were to sell them at a fixed-price, I would risk selling them to someone who would do exactly that.

I have found my extra of one of the Argentine Nancy Drew books with dust jackets, and hopefully I will get it listed on Bonanza soon.  As I have time, I will get to other interesting books.

I have now written several posts about recent interesting finds, and they will publish in the coming days, staggered a few days apart from each other.

At least one person was having trouble posting comments to this blog due to a glitch with Blogger. That issue has now been fixed. If you were having problems, I encourage you to try again. I really enjoy reading the comments to this blog.

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