Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April 2011 Sales on Bonanza

April was a very odd lopsided month.  I had 12 sales in the first 10 days of the month and then only six sales in the last 20 days of the month.  All in all, April was a decent month.  I sold a total of 59 books in those 18 transactions.  Not too bad.

As I did last month, I compared the number of books I sold to the number of books sold by a few of the more popular sellers of series books on eBay.  This time I wrote down the number of items sold on April 16 and then checked again on May 1.  Remember that eBay only allows a user to search the last 15 days of completed listings.  By checking halfway through the month and at the end of the month, I had a better estimate as to the actual number of books sold by these sellers.

Seller #1 = 88 books
Seller #2 = 28 books
Seller #3 = 35 books
Seller #4 = 30 books

I did not check as many sellers as I did during the previous month, but these sellers were all represented in the previous group.  Seller #1 also sold the most books during the previous month and consistently is the most popular seller of series books on eBay.  This seller is the most popular because he/she has figured out a way to gain better exposure in eBay's best match search.  Remember that you should always watch what your competition is doing, especially if they are selling more books than you are.

I sold 59 books while the most popular eBay seller sold 88 books.  I would expect to sell fewer books on Bonanza than eBay's most popular seller of series books.  I sold more books than the other eBay sellers, which in a way is surprising.  My conclusion continues to be that I am doing okay.

To change the subject, my blog posts were a bit sparse during April.  I caught multiple viruses during the first half of the month, and it has taken me awhile to get back to normal.  I may not do much better this month since the last month of school is always hectic.  My current goal is to try to have two blog posts per week, but I could end up with only one per week at times.

I have made some interesting recent purchases and have upgraded some items in my collection.  Some purchases will be mentioned in the near future in this blog once I feel like writing about them.  As I have time, I will begin to list the extra books in my Jennifer's Series Books booth on Bonanza.  I will probably not get around to listing those books until later in the month.

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