Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bonanza Sales Compared to eBay Sales

A number of sellers are currently either boycotting eBay over the new fees or are trying out different venues. Frequently, these sellers ask what the sell-through rate is for the alternative sites as compared to eBay. This is a question that cannot be answered, as one cannot adequately compare any alternative site to eBay.

Items that are fixed-price cannot be compared to auctions, and many people still use auctions on eBay. Most alternative sites are fixed-price, so the two cannot be compared.   I like to know roughly how I am doing as compared to the people who still sell series books on eBay.  I have found a method of comparison that gives me an idea of whether I am doing okay on Bonanza.

What I do is look at the sold items on eBay for a number of people who sell series books. I choose sellers who tend to list a lot on eBay, as in at least several hundred books up to a couple thousand.

The trouble is that eBay only shows the last two weeks.  I go on an assumption that the sellers probably sold roughly the same amount for the previous two weeks.  I then take the number of sold items for the last two weeks and multiply by two to get an approximation of what each seller has likely sold on eBay during the last month.

Here are the results for six sellers of series books.

98 books sold
68 books sold
48 books sold
32 books sold
40 books sold

Most of these sellers are top-rated sellers, so they have maximum exposure in eBay's Best Match search.  This means that their results give an accurate view of the current success level that one can have at selling series books on eBay.

If I am anywhere in the general area of these sellers, then I am doing fine on Bonanza.  In March on Bonanza, I sold 60 books in 22 transactions in my Jennifer's Series Books booth. I don't expect to sell as much on a relatively low traffic alternative venue as an eBay top-rated seller. I sold more books than some of the eBay sellers that I checked.

My sales sources show that most of my buyers come from my blog or my website via a direct link or via my website via a widget.

It is apparent that a large amount of my sales come through links that I have placed in my blogs or on my website.  Of the sales that are attributed to direct traffic, most of them were to people who are repeat buyers.  And those buyers predominantly found me through my blogs or website.

I have already had five sales on Bonanza since April 1, so April is off to a good start.  The sales seem to go in spurts, and I always wonder whether the current sales are coincidence or whether something else is at play.  For me personally, the selection on eBay seems to be rather bad, and this could be due to no current free listings.  It could also be due to some sellers who are boycotting.

If other buyers have also noticed a poor selection on eBay, this could be a reason why I have seen multiple sales in the last few days.  Or perhaps it means nothing.


PelagieBird said...

Hi! I've really enjoyed reading your recent blog entries regarding eBay and other selling sites.
Also, after seeing the preliminary sketches you purchased in 2006, I am wondering if there is an archive anywhere that has Pelagie Doane materials. I'm especially interested in her greeting-card illustrations. Thanks!

Jennifer White said...

I am not aware of an archive with Doane's illustrations. However, some of them might be scattered around the internet. You could try doing some keyword searches on Google to see what you can pull up.

Paula said...


I just wanted to say **thank you very much** for coordinating and advertising the recent March Madness sale! The sales really do bring people to our Bonanza booths and they are win-win situations, for both buyers and sellers. Thanks!