Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bonanza Update #2

My Google results for Jennifer's Series Books are finally showing improvement. I have noticed that in the last week, I have begun to get more traffic from Google.

As I have done for around the last month, I ran some searches without quotes and exactly as typed below. See what I found:

nancy drew hollow oak - 2 books on page 4
nancy drew missing map - 2 books on page 2
nancy drew bungalow mystery - 1 book on page 3
trixie belden uninvited guest - 1 book on page 1
nancy drew pine hill - 1 book page on 2
judy bolton unfinished house - 1 book on page 1
judy bolton ruined castle -1 book on page 2
judy bolton patchwork quilt - 1 book on page 1
trixie belden marshland mystery - 1 book on page 2
trixie belden mysterious code - 1 book on page 2

These are the types of searches I have been testing, and I been testing primarily common books which have a lot of competition on Google. I have been unable to find my items on the first four to five pages. I am now seeing items as high as page 1 in the results. These are not the only searches I ran, and I did fail to find my items in some of my searches. I found results in the vast majority of searches that I tested. This is much better than previously when I found none of my items in any of the tested searches.

If I keep at it, I should be able to get my traffic back to normal within a month.


alex berg said...

Glad you are bouncing back! Though I am surprised you didn't link to your booth on in each of your posts. One of Google's favorite things to drive SEO? Links from other websites. I'd add one to each of your posts.

Jennifer White said...

You are absolutely right. I do plan to take it further than I have. I really should have been doing this a year ago, and if I had, I would have been in a better position all along.

Brandi said...

I just want to say congratulations!

Jennifer White said...

Thanks, Brandi!

I just added a link to my booth in my two most recent posts. As Alex stated, this is what really needs to be done. My problem is that I am not the type of person who is prone to blatant self-promotion, so I have to force myself to do things like that.

This name change will be good for me in the long term. I have needed to increase the font size of my descriptions for over a year, but so long as I had decent sales through my website and blog, it was not of great importance to me. Take away my sales and traffic, and suddenly, I had that strong shove that I needed. I probably spent five to six entire hours a week ago editing all of my descriptions.

I just added some new items, and next, I'm going into my Jennifer's Series Books blog to add some more posts and lots more links.

Brandi said...

You have a great booth! :) All of your descriptions are precise and the books are pictured well. I always check your new listings to see if I can add anything to my collection. Your self promotion is warrented!

Paula said...

Hi, Jennifer,
Sorry, this is an off-topic question. I've noticed a couple Nancy Drew picture covers that are first PC printings according to Farah's Guide, but that have the gold and black $1.25 printer's sticker on the front cover. I have a Jewel Box copy like this in my Bonanza booth and here is another example recently on ebay:

I had always thought that the PC books were priced at $1 when first printed in 1962. Does this price sticker indicate a later printing? Or were some PC titles first printed at this price in 1962, and only the books with the $1 box sold with a suggested retail price of $1?

Thanks in advance for your help on all things Nancy Drew! :)

Jennifer White said...

I don't know if every single title was sold at $1, but we do know that certain titles had the $1 price printed on the book. It is probable that the first copies of the other titles were also sold at $1 at first.

We know that the price quickly increased from $1 to $1.25, so the $1 box was blackened on the titles that had the $1 box on the cover. The titles that have the $1 box blackened also list to Fire Dragon and are designated as the second picture cover printing. In reality, the blackened price box books would also have been the first picture cover printing, and what Farah's Guide designates as a separate printing is actually a variation of the first PC printing. That is what a lot of people don't realize about Farah's Guide, which is that it actually indicates variations and subsets of print runs rather than actual print runs.

So, I would say that the first picture cover books were sold at $1 at the very, very beginning and then were sold at $1.25. Noticing that price sticker is a good observation.

Paula said...

Thank you, Jennifer! Since Jewel Box #20 and Black Keys #28 were neither the beginning of the series (which would attract new readers), nor recent titles that would still be in demand for loyal readers of the series, I'm guessing it was a lower priority to print these titles in picture cover format. So by the time they were printed, the price had risen to $1.25 and the sticker was used on the front cover. I'm surprised that Farah doesn't mention anything about this in the description for Format 17. (At least I didn't find anything there in my older 10th edition).

It gets a little crazier and more interesting than though. There was a gold and black $1.00 sticker too! Have you seen many of those? I have a 2nd print Hidden Staircase with the blackened suggested retail box (which we know was $1) and over it is a gold and black $1.00 price sticker. They were going in circles. :) How frequently do you see something like this? Is this something worth hanging on to, or not really in your opinion? Thanks again!