Thursday, November 18, 2010

Finding Bonanza Items in Google

I mentioned in my last post that I was unable to find my items in Google unless I used quotation marks around all or part of the titles. Furthermore, when I finally found my items, the URL of those items was, the old URL.

I have been creating posts for my Jennifer's Series Books blog with lists of titles in the different series. I have linked to as many individual listings as I can for books that I have up for sale. I am already seeing some positive results from the posts I created several days ago.

I could not find my copy of Linda by Mildred Wirt using Google search, which is odd considering how scarce the book is. It is not like there are dozens of them for sale. On Tuesday, I searched for Linda and found it in the #3 position. On Wednesday, I searched for Linda and found it in the #1 position. I did not have to use quotation marks to find it in the #1 position.

I could not find my 1930A-1 Old Clock on Google unless I used quotation marks. Even though there are several of them up for sale at the moment, the book is scarce and should be easily found in a search. It was odd that Google was not showing it. Using only the search terms "Old Clock" and "1930A-1" with no quotation marks, my book is in the #1 position. The URL is, but that is of no concern to me so long as Google is bringing up my book high in the results.

By linking to individual books that I have up for sale, I can improve my position in the Google search results. I am making a point to write at least a few short comments in each post before I paste in the list of titles. I am trying to word what I write differently from how I have done it elsewhere so that Google will see it as new and fresh content. Google often penalizes sites that have content that is the same as another site, so it is important not to word my comments exactly the same.

I should have done this sooner, and this is something that any of us can do. So far, it seems to be helping in the search results. It is not yet helping my sales, which are very slow. However, I do expect my efforts to pay off in the coming months. Right now, I expect most people are saving their money for Black Friday and are not that concerned about buying vintage books at this point in time.

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