Monday, November 29, 2010

Combined Shipping Problem on Bonanza

Update: Support states that the problem is fixed, and it does appear to be fixed.

This is a warning for those of you who sell on Bonanza. We have a glitch that is giving buyers huge discounts on postage. I just disabled my combined item shipping discount in order to avoid getting hit again. Unfortunately, this probably means that all prospective buyers who want to buy more than one book will be scared off due to the high postage, but I can't stomach having this happen again.

I had an order that was supposed to be $32.94 plus $5.95 postage. The postage was supposed to calculate at $3.95 plus $0.40 for each additional book. There were five additional books, which made the additional postage $2.00. The total should have been $38.89.

The postage for the books with separate postage at $3.95 each would have totaled $23.70. Bonanza was supposed to subtract $17.75 from that total to get the $5.95 that should have been charged. Instead, Bonanza took what the total should have been, $38.89, and subtracted $17.75 from it. The buyer paid only $21.14 instead of $38.89.

I'm going to eat the loss since this is not the buyer's fault. I got really worried when I thought about what would happen if a buyer bought 30 books. Bonanza would end up subtracting over $100 from the order amount. There is no way I want that to happen. Whenever someone buys a bunch of books, it is always cheap books, so I can't let that happen.

I would not have mentioned this, but I think the rest of you need to know. I would suggest killing your combined shipping discounts until this gets fixed.

Edited to add: This is happening to everyone, and it has been reported in the forums. It is not an isolated issue. Some people have figured out a way to change the discount in order to allow for the error, but I'm going to have to leave mine disabled.


Chris said...

Yikes! Thanks for the heads up. This is the first I've heard about this problem. Maybe b/c my sales are down too, so haven't had any combined shipping!

My item views dropped way down after the name change and they still are much lower than what I used to get on a daily basis. I think that has affected my sales quite a bit.

I hope they get this problem fixed. Guess I'll have to disable my combined shipping as well. Otherwise I'll be losing money.

Jennifer White said...

I think it is now fixed. I enabled my combined shipping again this morning, and I received an order today that calculated the shipping correctly.

I was a bit upset about the order from last night. After that happened, I was happy that I had only had a few recent sales and for single books. In some cases, few sales can be a blessing.

I'm going to write more about my views, my sales, and my efforts to get my booth back on track in Google within the next few days. I am seeing a rebound in views, but I am still running around half of what I was. My sales have picked up some but are still down by around 1/3 to 1/2.

Chris said...

Good, I hope it is fixed. I found the thread about the problem and saw where Mark said they were working on it.

Yes, in this case, "few sales can be a blessing." If you had had a number of people buy several books at once, with that problem, it could have been a real disaster.

Thanks for the info.

Jennifer White said...

Customer service is awesome. I reported this to support when it happened, even though I knew they were aware of the problem. Mark credited my November bill with $17.75 to make up for it. I was expecting to take the loss, since usually, that is what happens in venues when glitches occur. That is really nice of them! Mark did say that the glitch has been fixed.