Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jim Towey's Reprints

This is Jim Towey's latest ad for his current inventory, and I have some information that I have added to the end of this post.


Providing help to Series Collectors

Jim Towey, 249 Hartland Rd , W.Granby , CT. 860-653-7447, toweyj@cox.net

Over 50 Quality Hardcover reprints with DJs done – Many Sold Out

Over 2000 Recreated Djs done- All major Boy’s and Girl’s series, $7 each

Over 1000 used series books in stock

Ken Holt Homepage—members.cox.net/kenholt

Ebay Store—jim.towey –The Adventure Continues

Currently available titles: Limited Quanties.

Please call/email to verify availability/reserve copies.

Priority postage included.

NEW SERIES by Jack Dizer, Randy Cox and Edward Lauterbach

· The Secret of Hidden Island , $25 Autographed

JACK DIZER- A Great Reference Book

· Tom Swift & Company, $30

HOWARD GARIS - Rare Titles, $40 each

· The Island Boys

· The White Crystals

LARRY DEXTER SERIES, Howard Garis aka Raymond Sperry

· Larry Dexter and the Ward Diamonds, $40

· Larry Dexter’s Great Chase, $40

DAVE FEARLESS SERIES- Leslie McFarlane aka Roy Rockwood

* Dave Fearless Under the Ocean, $40, July 2010

* Dave Fearless- Lost Brig, $40, July 2010


WIRELESS PATROL SERIES by Lewis Theiss , $35each

· The Hidden Aerial

· Wireless Operator with the U.S. Coast Guard

· Wireless Operator with the Oyster Fleet

POPPY OTT SERIES by Leo Edwards, $35

· The Hidden Dwarf

· The Monkey’s Paw

RADIO BOYS & RAILROAD SERIES by Allen Chapman, $35each

· Radio Boys to the Rescue

· Ralph and the Train Wreckers


SAM & BERYL EPSTEIN & Pseudonyms, $25each

· Roger Baxter Series- Stranger at the Inlet

· Roger Baxter Series- The Secret of Baldhead Mountain

· Tim Penny Series- Jacknife for a Penny

· Tim Penny Series- Change for a Penny

Payment by Check or MO payable to:

Jim Towey
249 Hartland Rd.
W. Granby, CT 06090
Ken Holt Homepage:

Jim says that he is working on what he calls his "most risky reprint endeavor." He is reprinting the last two Larry Dexter books and the Dave Fearless books, which were originally published as cheap paperbacks that cannot be read now due to the brittle paper. He is hoping to get the support of Hardy Boys collectors, since a few of the books were written by Leslie McFarlane.

Jim is open to the idea of printing more Linda Carlton books, but he needs to clear some of his current inventory and see how the Dave Fearless reprints are going. As I asked in my last post, please let me know if you think you would be interested in reprints of the last two Linda Carlton books. I told Jim that I am trying to generate more interest in the Linda Carlton reprints.

I have also told Jim that I will be willing to buy multiple copies of the books if there is an additional print run. I want to make it more likely that he might consider another print run. I bought several copies each of volumes 4 and 5 from the last print run because I was hoping they would sell out fast enough to guarantee another printing. This did not happen, but I think that enough people might be interested so that we might still get another print run at some point in the future. I am not going to sell my extras until, hopefully, after we get another print run and that print run is sold out.

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