Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Saved Searches Aggravation

I stated in a previous post that I could not edit my saved searches on eBay. I cannot edit them from any browser or through any means. The only way I can change them is to enter all of the parameters from eBay's search page and select the option to save my search. I then have to tell it which search to replace. It is very annoying.

I have no intention of telling eBay about the problem. They would tell me to clear my browser's cache as I must be the only person in the world to have this problem. Even if they were to believe me, it would take them months to fix it, and I would still have to find a workaround to the problem.

I had to revise my Nancy Drew searches. I knew that my search results were returning far more items than what the old search did. (Old search, I miss you so much. :( ) I realized what the problem was when I saw results from a seller that I knew I had blocked earlier this year. Sigh. Apparently we can block only ten sellers. The last part of my list of blocked sellers was stripped from the new search. Is this eBay's way of making certain that we have to see the listings of most of the diamond power sellers?

I had to search this blog to find my list of blocked sellers since eBay had changed it. I then took each seller's name from the list and entered it into the seller search function. A few of the sellers have left eBay, so I removed them from my list. Most of the sellers are still listing items, so I checked to see how many Nancy Drew books they have listed. I ended up with nine sellers left in my list.

This is my new blocked sellers list:


It is important that I have copied and pasted this list here in case I have to do this again. I can see my blocked sellers when I place my cursor over the list on the search results pages, but I cannot copy and paste from that page. I cannot access the edit function for my saved searches, so I cannot get to the list that way. I am so glad that I had saved my list to this blog in recent months!

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