Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Search Update

My feeling right now is that I cannot stand the new search to the point that I want to avoid doing searches. If I do that, then I will not be buying on eBay. I guess I have to suck it up and search away.

My primary complaint is that I do not like the spacing between the items in the results. They seem too far apart. I know the spacing is of minor importance, but it is annoying to me. This is the same problem that eBay created when it overhauled the message boards and everything else in recent months.

I found a link to customize the view. I found that I could make the gallery images smaller. I don't know if reducing the size is truly a good idea, but I did it and the items are now closer together in the list. It is harder to see the items in the pictures, which is why I'm not sure that reducing the size of the images is altogether a good idea. However, the small pictures make the results look more like they did on the old search, and that is all I want. Small pictures it is. In case anyone else dislikes the spacing, reducing the image size does help.

I also just figured out that I have been defaulted back to Best Match again. Make sure when you do your searches that they are sorted the way you want. In "customize view" on the first page of your search results, select "advanced options" and make your default "ending soonest" or whatever you prefer. Uggh! I have to run my search again. I did not want Best Match.

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