Monday, February 2, 2009

How to Subscribe to Comments

A question was asked earlier today about whether it is possible to have all of the current day's comments emailed. I felt like the answer should be placed in a post of its own.

Google has a help page about how someone can subscribe to comments:

What readers need to do is click on the title of a post. On the post's individual page, a link appears at the bottom where the reader can subscribe to the comments for that post.

If I understand correctly, the blog reader would have to click on the subscription link of every single post in this blog, of which there are over 250, in order to have all of the future comments emailed. That would take awhile, but it can be done. What I would recommend is subscribing to the older posts that have information that is most pertinent to the reader's interests.

Most of the older posts do not gain any additional comments, but I have had some ongoing discussions in the comments section of some older posts. Most readers of this blog miss these comments unless they have subscribed to the comments for those posts. This most often happens with the various "Buyer Confusion on Nancy Drew" posts.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Jennifer,

Just wanted to say thanks
*so much* for the detailed answers to my questions here and on the other comment about mylar covers. I will have to break down ;) and get a google ID so that I can follow some of the older posts I am interested in. You are awesome!