Sunday, January 4, 2009

The eBay Exodus Part IV

Bonanzle is growing at a steady rate. There are currently around 17,500 registered users. In September, the site had around 5,000 registered users. The site appears to be growing at a current rate of 100 to 200 people per day. While these numbers are nothing as compared to eBay, they are quite good for an unknown site. Bonanzle looks to be one of the top competitors against eBay out of the dozens of tiny sites that are out there.

I listed some more items at Bonanzle. I am choosing books from lots that did not sell this week on eBay. I think it would be great if some of you who sell also try out Bonanzle. If we could get a decent selection of series books up, then the buyers would begin to come. It costs nothing to list an item, and you only pay if the item sells. It can't get better than that.

Bonanzle's fees for items that sell are lower than eBay's. Here are the fees:

The listing process is actually quite easy, and now that I have listed several items, I have decided that the process is much easier than eBay's. This is what the form looks like to enter your item description:

As always, click on the image to see a larger version. The pictures upload very fast, faster for me than on eBay. I hate adding that one image to my eBay listings, because I find that it takes too long. On Bonanzle, we can add four images, and adding all four takes about the same amount of time as adding one image to eBay.

After an item description is saved, the item is not immediately visible to buyers. I took the below screen capture earlier:

At the top, it states that I have eight items in my booth. Two of them are online currently, and six are ready. I have to click on "Update Booth" in the upper right corner in order to make the remaining six go online. This is great, because I can still make a few changes before I list those books.

I decided to edit my items, since I needed to add a space between lines. I copied and pasted the descriptions straight out of eBay, and certain things got messed up. I found that the editing process was super, super quick. EBay's editing process is too long with too many pages to click through.

The one thing that had me puzzled at first was that I could not enter a decimal amount for my item's price or postage amount. Under "Advanced Options," the site has all new users defaulted to rounded prices only. This can be changed, which is what I did.

I have also been checking out Bonanzle's other features, some of which are really neat. I was able to upload my listings to Google Base, and each booth has an RSS feed. I was able to add the RSS feed to this blog, so some of my listings now appear in the right sidebar. --->



Jack C said...

I perused the site last night, and I think I'm going to join you over on Bonanzle. Since I am cash-strapped (see my post under Ebay Exodus), I think I'll go through my stuff and list some duplicates. I'm also going to list a couple of Shadow pulp magazines from the 1930's, with the hope I can raise some substantial funds as well. Since it's free to list, I'm not sure how you can go wrong. How long can you list? And does it work like an auction? Those parts are still unclear.

Jennifer said...

Since it's free to list, I'm not sure how you can go wrong.

There will be no fees if the items do not sell, so you would not have to pay anything. I am expecting my stuff not to sell quickly, since the site is still in the early stages, but it does look promising. I have looked at many eBay alternatives, and I do think it is the best one. I am tired of eBay's high fees and how little I get for those fees.

If you do list some items, upload them to Google Base. Bonanzle has directions for that. I've never shopped through Google Base, but I'm going to start running some searches.

A lot of people on Bonanzle advertise their booths on Bonanzle's message boards, so that would be another option.

How long can you list?

I think that the items are good until canceled, so they could run indefinitely. Some people list their items for sale on multiple sites, and Bonanzle has an option so that buyers cannot finalize a transaction until the seller approves it, in case the item has sold somewhere else. I plan only to list items that I am not selling elsewhere, so I have mine set where the buyer can go ahead and purchase them.

And does it work like an auction?

It is fixed-price only. Since I already tried to sell what I have listed on Bonanzle, I decided that I did not mind going with fixed-price. Just make sure you set the prices at what you want, and it will work fine. Bonanzle also has a feature where sellers can run sales on their items, like 10% off, so that is something to think about as well.

Jennifer said...

I remember seeing an option where a seller can list other sellers' booths as favorite booths. If you do list some items, I can list you as a favorite booth in my account.

I put a link to my booth at the top of my website to hopefully draw in some visitors.

I just realized today that I can list some low-priced books, since there is no cost to list items. I have only listed those types of books in bulk on eBay for the last five or more years. I'm going to check to see what paperbacks I have and plan to list some of them. People do prefer to buy just the books that they need, and eBay is no longer viable for those types of listings.

Jack C said...

Hey Jennifer-
I listed my Shadow pulp magazines, so my booth is now open. I would be honored to have you add me as a favorite booth- I will look to do the same for you- My booth is "SeriesBookLover's Bookshelf".
I'll be adding some other books to my booth in the next few days.