Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More eBay Changes Part XVI

Oh, for heaven's sake . . . my search standing is now raised, and I have received no DSRs in the last day. I still have no 30-day DSRs.

Notice the yellow bars in the graph. Those are the average DSRs for all sellers in the last month. If I had enough 30-day DSRs to count, I would have a bar just above each of the yellow bars. EBay has told us that if a seller does not have enough 30-day DSRs, then they will use the DSRs for the last year to calculate the search standing. This would be why I have raised search exposure. My one-year DSRs are 4.86, 4.82, 4.82, and 4.79. Even so, I am expecting it to change back to standard or lowered search exposure at any time.

I like how in just a few days I have gone from poor to average to excellent customer service, and my most recent buyers have not even given me any feedback! Wow!

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