Wednesday, December 8, 2010

15% Off All Books!

I want to sell some books! For the first time ever, I have a 15% off coupon at Jennifer's Series Books. This is a brief sale, probably through the end of the day Saturday. The coupon is published, so you can apply the coupon from any item page.

I have Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, Dana Girls, Judy Bolton, Beverly Gray, Billie Bradley, Cherry Ames, Blythe Girls, Connie Blair, Donna Parker, Grace Harlowe, Kay Tracey, Melody Lane, Vicki Barr, and many more books in my booth.

Edited to add: If anyone else on Bonanza who sells series books wants to offer a coupon for the next few days, publish one and then let me know. I'm going to put a message on my website shortly.


rachel said...

Sounds great!

Chris said...

Hi Jennifer,
I have a 10% off coupon published right now that I first did for cyber Monday and have been running since then. I was going to cancel it, but will keep it up for a few more days as well. Thank you in advance and good luck with sales!