Friday, April 23, 2010

The April Bonanzle Book Sale Is On

Most everyone has the code "nancydrew80" in place for a discount on each purchase. The booths listed here have everything ready to go.

lelliot - Lian's Vintage Series Books - 15% off
piper - Moss-Covered Booth - 10% off
CAL'sBookInn - CAL'sBookInn - 10% off
me - Jennifer's Series Books - 10% off
doc-h - Doc-h's Booth - 15% off
bookventure - Bookventure's Booth - 10% off

nolamom - My Daughter's Closet - This booth is doing a promotion of "buy four books and get the fifth book free." Visit My Daughter's Closet for further details.

Chris from CAL's Book Inn has started a message thread in the promotional forum on Bonanzle. We are limited to four posts every three days (I think) so we can take turns bumping the thread back up to the top. The title of the thread is "Happy Birthday! She's 80 years old and celebrating all week long!" The threads fall down quickly so you may have to go to the second page to find it.


beautifulshell said...

sorry for harping on the ruth fielding dustjackets, but if you're interested, there are two copies of "clearing her name" in the fourth design on ebay right now. they're more than i would pay, but it's strange that so many are popping up all of a sudden.

Jennifer said...

That is strange. Back when I was researching which Ruth Fielding books came in each dust jacket style, the consensus seemed to be that Clearing Her Name was never issued in that style. It is odd that the people who collected the Ruth Fielding series did not know about that jacket, yet it exists.

I'm going to pass on those copies, since I found while collecting Ruth Fielding that most titles can be found for rather low prices, even with dust jackets. I am tempted, though, but I bet I could find one for less at some point in the future. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.