Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bonanzle Update #23

I have some important information to share.

Bonanzle just updated the main booth page. It has changed a bit, so check it out. Here is mine so you can take a quick peek.

We now have a link to a shipping policy and a return policy, which is below the avatar on the left side. We all need to get that information filled in since it is new.

If your avatar is now out of focus, you will need to upload it again. The avatars were stretched to make them larger, so that made some avatars blurry.

You can read about the changes in Bill's blog. The changes are still being tweaked due to user input.

Lian suggested that we run a promotion sometime soon to try to pull in more buyers of our series books. This is a good idea. Lian suggested that all interested sellers do a Bonanza. While this would work, the problem is that a Bonanza only lasts for three hours, and a seller can only have one per month. Three hours is a very narrow window of opportunity for buyers to browse and make their purchases.

A coupon code might be the way to go. We could decide on a coupon code that would be used by all interested sellers. Each one of us would decide on the desired discount, which can be different for each booth. The commonality is that we would all use the same code and would all have some kind of discount.

The coupon code would be most effective if it runs for at least one to two weeks. We would need to decide when we want to do this. I do have an idea of when would be best.

Jenn Fisher is planning a Nancy Drew web con (click for information) that will run from January 25-31. I have agreed to submit one or more articles for the web con. I am going to write an article about buying series books on eBay and Bonanzle. This will be more exposure for Bonanzle, so it might be a good idea for us to run our promotion at that time.

If we do decide to run a promotion, I would need to gather a list of who is going to participate. I will mention the promotion in this blog and elsewhere. Several people did take advantage of my coupon code that I had running right after Thanksgiving. I would have had more of a response if I had not done it during a busy holiday weekend. The sale also would have been more effective if it had lasted longer.

It also would be a good idea to get as many books listed as possible before the promotion begins. I will likely not get any more books listed than I would normally get listed, but I will work on it. I have more books to list than time allows.

Let me know your thoughts.

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Jack C said...

Count me in in Jennifer- I will need to get some books listed that I do not currently have on my site, but I've needed to do that anyway... Where has the break gone? we head back to school on Monday. I've read some great books, and blogged, but have ignored my Bonanzle work- Oh well- Let us know when to get ready, and I'll get my booth updated.