Sunday, November 8, 2009

Series Books for Sale on Bonanzle #3

This is a work in progress, but take a look and tell me what you think:

If you sell series books on Bonanzle, you will hopefully find at least a few of your books listed somewhere. I was working from search results and was not checking to see who the seller was, although I knew for sure in some cases. I tried to pick low-priced books plus a variety.

I did not mess with trying to sort items, since Bonanzle's widgets often sort the items the way they want. The main thing was to get the items in there to see if this might work the way I want. I know where I want to go with this, but I have no additional comment at this time. Let's just say that this has potential, which I'm sure you will readily recognize even though you don't know my full plan.

This page is not yet linked from my site, but since I have just linked to it from here, Google will know about it immediately since Google owns Blogger. It should get indexed fast.

If you have suggestions, let me know. I'm liking the way it is shaping up, and it looks much better than my first attempt earlier today.


Jack C said...

A great idea Jennifer- I know your site gets a lot of traffic, so it would be great to have links to my booth there- So thanks-


PS_ Looks great btw!

Jennifer said...

I forgot to mention that I added links to several booths on the links page of my site. I did this on either Friday or Saturday. I think I will link to the page I mentioned in this post on possibly the main page of my site. I will also add a link on the links page.

I may also add some direct booth links to the new page I created. I have different ideas for it, but it takes time to put everything in place.

I have been looking at the stats for my site, and the entire site has seen an increase in traffic of 51% in the last year, November 7, 2008 to November 7, 2009. The traffic to the Nancy Drew section has increased by an amazing 74%, and it is by far the most visited page on the site. It was not the most visited page on the site one year ago. The traffic to the main page of the site has increased by 48% in the last year.

I wish I knew what the traffic has been to the links page. Links pages normally get a lot of traffic since they are rich in keywords. I discovered this weekend that I never added the Google Analytics tracking code to the links page. I have added it now, so in a month I will have a good idea of where it stands as compared to the rest of the site.

I should also link to my new page on the site map as well. These are all things I need to remember to do. The more places from which I link to it, the better its placement will be in Google.

Jennifer said...

I have now done everything that I mentioned in my first comment. I have other plans, but I have the main things done. Most importantly, my new page is no longer an orphaned page; it has a link back to It is important that all site pages link back to at least one other page on the site.

Lian said...

I do appreciate your generosity in helping your fellow bonanzle book sellers. My booth and item hits have decreased tremendously the last six weeks or so. I still am selling a book or two about every other week which is enough to keep my booth going. I want Bonanzle to succeed and am willing to give it time to grow. However, I guess I expect my hits to grow as well. When Bonanzle stopped using the section of random users to check out and replaced them with twitter and facebook messages, that's when my hits decreased. My husband who is a computer tech is very suspicious of facebook and feels that it may bring in spyware on my pc. So far, he has advised me not to join though I am worrying I am missing out on potential sales.

Again, thank you for adding me and my books to your site and hope we all can benefit from it.


Jennifer said...

Many people in the forums stated that the changes to the people page caused a decrease in visits to their booths. Bonanzle did just add a link back to the people page to search for a specific user, and this was one of the page elements that had been removed in favor of Facebook and Twitter.

I think people do have to be careful about Facebook. What I have noticed is that everyone messes with bunches of applications in which they look for objects hidden around Facebook. They play these games with farming, pirates, and I don't know what else. Whenever I see one of these applications in my news feed from friends, I hide them to make them go away. I refuse to participate in them.

I strongly believe that the applications are the security flaw in Facebook. I think you can be safe in Facebook as long as you avoid ALL of those applications, which in my opinion, are time wasters anyway (No offense to everyone who enjoys them.). I know many of the applications are safe, but some of the applications are security risks. Joining Facebook is quite safe as long as you do not download applications into your account. You will always be warned before you download an application.

On Twitter, the way to avoid viruses is NEVER to click on any of the Tiny URL or otherwise shortened/hidden links. You never know where they are going. With regard to Twitter, I think it is a waste of time and that I am not likely to get sales through Twitter.

Back to Facebook, I have noticed that the links tend not to be shortened/disguised, but if any of them are, the same rule applies. NEVER click on them.

Is Facebook a good way to generate sales? I don't know, but I'll have an opinion in a month or so.