Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sales on Bonanzle

During the last week, there has been a lot of bickering on the web about the eBay alternative marketplaces such as Bonanzle. Some of the comments have been over-the-top and inflammatory. What fascinates me is how hard a number of people are trying to convince others that Bonanzle is worthless and that no one is making any sales on Bonanzle. Some of the people who bash Bonanzle claim that they are successful eBay Power Sellers. If so, why do they feel the need to attack a site that, according to them, is worthless?

I feel that people only attack the marketplaces that are perceived threats. For instance, nobody bothers to attack marketplaces such as Have you ever heard of Probably not unless you monitor the list of sites at PowerSellersUnite. That is my point, and that is why no one attacks it.

So, people are saying that no sales are occurring at Bonanzle. Really? I would not normally provide information from within my account, but it proves these attacks wrong. These people keep clamoring for proof that people are making sales. Here it is. Check out my April Bonanzle statement:

Click on it to read it better. Please do so in order to view the solid proof that sales are occurring on Bonanzle. In particular notice that I have had at least six transactions during each month since I opened my booth in January. Most of the transactions have consisted of multiple book purchases. I have sold over 100 books for over $1,000.

I am a hobbyist seller; I am not someone who is trying to make a living by selling books. Since I am a hobbyist seller, I am very pleased with my sales. If I had listed on eBay instead, I would not have sold any more books. I also would have paid more fees on eBay. I find it very exhausting to try to list books on eBay, especially because I feel compelled to list a bunch at once. This way on Bonanzle is easier for me, costs less, and I still make sales.

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Bill said...

I think you've hit the nail on the head. Even amongst the larger non-Bonanzle marketplace sites out there, nobody bothers to try to tear them down, because they are relatively static entities, with a user base that trends more toward the utilitarian than the passionate. I think that because so many people have decided to make Bonanzle their "home," trolls of the Internet have seized the opportunity to grab attention by writing inflammatory remarks they know will be taken seriously by Bonanzle's passionate user base.

Excitement about something new always cuts both ways. When the passionate comments stop, thats when you'll know we're in trouble. :)