Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bonanzle Update

I did a search for my eBay/Bonanzle user ID on Google. Here are the top results:

I was surprised that my new Bonanzle booth is the first result returned and is above the eBay results. I did not expect that to happen this soon.

I am working on various marketing techniques to drive buyers to my booth. I now have a page on EveryPlaceISell.com, which is a site maintained by the people who run the AuctionBytes website. There are apparently dozens of other different places on the web in which I can get my booth listed in order to drive traffic to it.

Bonanzle is growing at a rapid rate. According to the PowerSellersUnite website, the number of listings is now making the final approach to 1 million items. Bonanzle is now number four on the list behind eBay, eBid, and eCrater, which makes it the number three eBay alternative. I have checked into eBid and eCrater, and I do not like those sites at all. I feel that Bonanzle is the right choice and the best bet for a viable site to rival eBay.

Bonanzle is run by just two people: the founder, Bill Harding, and the co-founder, Mark Dorsey. This page gives information about who is behind Bonanzle:


Both men are active on Bonanzle's message boards, which helps to make Bonanzle a close-knit community. Bonanzle is fun, largely due to the sense of humor of the people running the site. I love the graphic in this blog entry:

You Wonder: How is Bonanzle Being Marketed?

I am also still chuckling over the brand-new Bonanzle merchandise unveiled in this message thread:

Bonanzle Merchandise

People on Bonanzle have been complaining about how when they use PayPal shipping, eBay's name is prominently featured at the top of the label. It looks like they are finally going to get some Bonanzle stickers to cover up that eBay logo.

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